Newly in love for 50 years

home picAn oven must work. Day in and day out, as simple as that. When you ask our next-door neighbor here in the Valley of the Lord*, Mrs Helga Krummrein, what makes her MANZ oven so very special, she won't just mention its excellent skills, its simple handling and long-lasting freshness of the delicacies it produces. What she will mention is the fact "that it lasts forever!" Because Mrs Krummrein and her MANZ have been living in perfect harmony since 1964.

Of course, much has changed since the 60s – not only in looks, but also in technology. What hasn't changed, though, is the fact that still today, each and every one of our oven models is individually manufactured in the MANZ Oven Shop located in our beautiful Valley of the Lord. Manufactured with unmatched care, love, and the ambition to offer our customers as much convenience as possible. Like our baking plates which pass the heat directly on to the food currently baking, roasting or cooking. Or the steam-proof, hermetically closing oven door which keeps the heat inside to one hundred percent. Moreover, the timeless and beautiful stainless steel design which blends in harmoniously with every environment and enhances the looks and feel of your home.

But it’s not merely the technology and design advantages that show the genuine craftsmanship. A MANZ is a lasting value. A MANZ keeps and passes its promise on from one generation to the other. A MANZ is, to all intents and purposes, an oven for life. Your butler to present delightful delicacies that absolutely brighten your day. To sum it all up: A MANZ can definitely not be compared to a standard household oven. Because it's in the kitchen where the subtle differences make all the difference - Ms Krummrein is absolutely convinced of that. And so are more than 25,000 satisfied MANZ customers.

Specialties of the house

When state-of-the-art technology thrills our tastebuds. Along the entire product line. Explore the MANZ oven world.

The MANZ in action

Why not experience the MANZ live? We offer professional showbaking for single persons, groups or associations and clubs. Plus, we have developed a special program for our Country Women's Associations - learn more about it.

An exquisite pinch of service

Our service is baked from many ingredients: expert customer service, for example; or the ability to test-bake; or our recipes; or our newsletter you can subscribe to or the MANZ customer magazine you can download free of charge.


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